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Distinguished and Famous people from Livingstone

1. Albert Flecker

Albert Flecker was a renowned Australian painter and member of the Heidelberg School, a movement of Australian Impressionism. Flecker was born in Yeppoon, which is located in the Livingstone Region of Queensland. His iconic landscapes and portraits captured the essence of the Australian bush and its people.

2. Stan Jones

Stan Jones was a highly accomplished racing driver from Yeppoon in the Livingstone region. He won the Australian Grand Prix in 1959, becoming the first driver to claim the title in a car of his own construction. Jones also competed internationally, showcasing his exceptional driving skills on a global stage.

3. Thelma Forbes

Thelma Forbes was a trailblazing Australian aviator who hailed from the Livingstone region. She was one of the first female pilots in Australia and gained recognition for her daring flights and contributions to the development of aviation. Forbes actively participated in various air races and exhibitions throughout her career.

4. Earnest Pearce

Earnest Pearce was a prominent Australian architect, born in the Livingstone region. His architectural designs were characterized by a blend of traditional styles and modern influences. Pearce's notable works include several heritage-listed buildings spread across Queensland, reflecting his commitment to preserving Australia's architectural heritage.

5. Etheridge brothers - Richard, Ernest, and Thomas

The Etheridge brothers, Richard, Ernest, and Thomas, were pioneers of the gold mining industry in Australia. These brothers were born in the Livingstone region and played significant roles in the development of several goldfields in Queensland and other parts of Australia during the late 19th century. Their contributions significantly impacted the state's economy and led to the establishment of numerous mining towns.

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